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Create an e-mail account.

If you would like to set up an e-mail account in cPanel login to your cPanel via In cPanel, look for the Mail section. Underneath that click on Email Accounts. Type in the login (username) that you want for your account and then the password. You can even create a quota that will only allow that amount of data to be stored on that e-mail account for a certain user. When you’re done, click on Create. To login to your e-mail account, go to in your browser. Please note that the username you use must be the e-mail address that you're trying to access for example: and then your password. You may also use the login on the Definite Web Hosting website. Just type in your e-mail address and password, select webmail and click on Login or type your domain on the browser, e.g. and all is well set.

You can also use Outlook or any other third party mail client to send and receive mail. Your POP3 and SMTP settings are included in the welcome mail that you got when u signed up with us. You will need them when setting up your e-mail client.

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